Upgrading Oracle Database from to

Upgrade steps for Oracle DB from to :

(1) Make sure you have taken level 0 database backup.

(2) Ensure that (out-of-place) rdbms binary has been installed in new home e.g. /usr/oracle_gxs2/oracle/product/11.2/db_1.

(3) Please refer to Metalink / My Oracle Support document 1201253.1 to check for DST update action. In this scenario, we assume that no application schema object using datatype TSLTZ or TSTZ, hence no action on DST required.

(4) This upgrade guide will based on using DBUA wizard.

(5) Launch DBUA from RDBMS home (not RDBMS home!). You can leave the database open as DBUA will takes care of it when upgrade process started later on.

(6) Click on next after DBUA wizard welcome page is displayed.

(7) In “Select Database” page, please choose the database ( that you wish to upgrade, once selected (radio button), click on next to proceed.

(8) Wait a while for DBUA wizard to collect database information ….

(9) On “Step 1 of 3 : Upgrade Options” page, note that “Recompile invalid objects at the end of upgrade” should have been chosen by default, choose this option if it’s not been chosen. It’s recommended to choose “Turn off Archiving for the duration of upgrade” as well, this will help speed-up the upgrade process later on. However, immediately after upgrade completed, please do take a full level 0 backup thereafter. Option “Upgrade Timezone Version and TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE Data” is not selected, as per step (3), you can always perform the Timezone Upgrade later on (after DB upgrade). Click next to proceed.

(10) On “Step 2 of 3 :  Recovery and Diagnostics Locations” page, specify Fast Recovery Area information here. Click next to proceed.

(11) On “Step 3 of 3 : Summary” page, review that all information are accurate and click on Finish when you’re ready to perform the database upgrade.

(12) DBUA will now perform the upgrade database tasks, you can view/tail the upgrade logs located in $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoollogs/dbua/<DB_NAME>/upgradex along the way.

(13) The whole DBUA upgrade process took approximately 1 hour in our case study.

(14) Click on OK upon upgrade completion.

(15) Review the upgrade results displayed, ensure that each upgrade steps are “SUCCESSFUL”, review what’s not. Click “close” to complete the DBUA db upgrade session.

(16) Review “DefaultBehaviorChanges.html” in new ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbua/doc.

[dcgdbp5:oracle] /usr/oracle $ which dbua


[dcgdbp5:oracle] /usr/oracle $ dbua

Database upgrade has been completed successfully, and the database is ready to use.

The following document describes important behavioral changes from previous database releases:


[dcgdbp5:oracle] /usr/oracle $

(17) Take a new level 0 database backup, your database is now ready for use.

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