June 28 2013

Raspberry Pi GPIO

Found a useful youtube video talks about how raspberry talks to hardware.
Like how to light an LED (part 1) and how to get input from close circuit switch.

Thanks to TheRaspberryPiGuy
Part 1

Part 2

June 28 2013

Raspberry Pi Application

This computer have many potential.

Here is some examples :-

Personal Computer – All you need is :

And old monitor or an TV with html input
VGA to html connector
keyboard/mouse, usb, or with PS2 to usb converter
And some hard work to set it up.
Here is how :-


More other application :-


Some application uses dedicated hardware to interect with the raspberry.. I will update once I’ve figured out how.

June 28 2013

Raspberry Pi

Came across something very interesting yesterday – Raspberry Pi.
It’s a $25/$35 dollar computer.
It is cheap and very customizable.
What can we do with it? Anything or nothing.
After doing through the articles, this very cheap computer is very small, and it is running on ARM. A platform used by smartphone. In theory, it should be able to run, android or meebo on it.
For a start, it already is it’s own OS. Call raspbean. Basically it is Linux, Debian based Linux.

More info in :-

Malaysian Sites :-

User Manual :-